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The official website for the three-member voice actress idol unit Run Girls, Run! has posted a music video for “RADIANT,” the lead track from their forthcoming first mini album “Get set, Go!” to be released on April 6, 2022.


Run Girls, Run! was formed in 2017 and best known for their theme song works for the idol-themed anime franchise Kiratto Pri☆Chan. They have released eight singles, one full album and one mini album so far. The six-song mini album “Get set, Go!” includes three new songs to express a dark world view with a band sound that returns to their roots, as well as three solo songs by each member.


The unit’s 19-year-old member Coco Hayashi (Mirai Momoyama in Kiratto Pri☆chan) says, “I think you’ll enjoy the rockin’ hot RGR at its best! Did we show you a new side of us? We sang this song with all our heart so that we could enchant you all with this one song. Absolutely, we will never stop running! Please listen to it a lot… and pay attention to the choreography, which is arguably the most challenging in RGR’s history!”






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Source: Run Girls, Run! official website 


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