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KADOKAWA’s light novel imprint Dragon Novels released Toshihiko Tsukiji‘s (Maburaho, Kämpfer) isekai reincarnation spin-off novel set in the Mobile Suit Gundam’s Universal Century world, titled Kidou Senshi Gundam Isekai Uchuseiki 24-sai Shokugyo OL, Tensei-saki de Kycilia Yattemasu (Mobile Suit Gundam Isekai Universal Century: 24-Year-Old Office Worker, I’m playing Kycilia in a reincarnated world) in two volumes on March 3, 2022.


The novel featuring illustrations by NOCO (Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book character designer) was originally serialized in the publisher’s Gundam Ace Magazine from November 2020 to October 2021.


Its story centers on an ordinary female office worker who was reincarnated as Kycilia Zabi in the Gundam world. As a Gundam otaku, the Universal Century is a paradise for her, but she notices that the setting is slightly different. Someone is trying to reorganize history!? Reincarnated as Kycilia, the female office worker tries to defend to the death the original setting and development of the One Year War in the TV version of Mobile Suit Gundam with a strange sense of justice and otaku spirit, but she is not the only one who has come to this world–!?



1st volume PV:



1st volume cover illustration:



2nd volume PV:



2nd volume cover:



Source: KADOKAWA press release