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“Move to the Future”, a series of animated promotional videos that imagine what Art Corporation’s moving services may look like in the not-too-distant future, has released a new entry that once again features the voice talents of Kana Hanazawa as time-traveling temp worker Izumi-chan and Akira Ishida as her trusty companion, Arbot.


In the fifth installment, entitled “Hikkoushi de Egao ni” (“A Smile While Moving”), Izumi-chan and Arbot help a distressed customer (CV: Miho Wataya) look for Sora (CV: Natsumi Miwa), her missing cat. With the help of a Hover Truck and some Eco Raku Box Aqua packing gel, they manage to save the day.



The fifth entry in the “Move to the Future” is directed by Takao Abo and features animation production by Studio Bind. Earlier entries in the series can be viewed at the official “Move to the Future” home page.


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