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The first 15 minutes of Goodbye, DonGlees – a theatrical anime film from the director of A Place Further Than the Universe – has been published to Youtube on the official KADOKAWA Animation channel.


Goodbye, DonGlees tells the story of Roma, a boy who lives in a rural town a short distance from Tokyo. Roma feels like he doesn’t fit in, so along with his frien, Toto, he forms a team called “Don Glees” in hopes that they can remain friends even after Toto eventually graduates high school and moves away to Tokyo. During the summer vacation of their first year in high school, Roma, Toto, and their new friend Drop are blamed for instigating a forest fire, so they set off into the woods in search of a missing drone that they spotted earlier in hopes of proving their innocence, and a life-changing adventure begins.


The movie poster for the Goodbye, DonGlees theatrical anime film featuring the main characters of Roma, Drop, and Toto gallivanting through the forest beneath the fading light of a summer afternoon.


Goodbye, DonGlees is directed by Atsuko Ishizuka and features animation production by MADHOUSE and distribution by KADOKAWA Animation. The film debuted in Japanese theaters on February 18, 2022, and is currently screening at select theaters in Japan.


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