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A live-action film adaptation of Tetsuro Kuromatsu’s baseball comedy manga Yakyubu ni Hanataba wo (Bouquet for the baseball team) ~Knockin’ On YAKYUBU’s Door~ is set to be released in Japan in the fall of 2022. The title of the live-action version will be simply Yakyubu ni Hanataba wo


The manga by Kuromazu, who has baseball experience, was serialized in Akita Shoten’s in Monthly Shonen Champion from May 2013 to January 2017, then compiled in nine tankobon volumes. Its story centers on the protagonist Teppei Kuroda and his classmates, who join at the entrance ceremony with high hopes for their high school life after saying goodbye to the baseball club life in junior high school. They are recruited by the kind seniors of the baseball club and decide to join the club, but the moment their provisional membership ends and they finally join the club, the attitude of the seniors changes dramatically.


The protagonist Teppei Kuroda is played by Kotaro Daigo, who won the role of Hodaka Morishima in Makoto Shinkai’s 2019 anime feature film Weathering With You by audition from among 2,000 people. He is also cast as Haku in the forthcoming stage play adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s 2001 anime film Spirited Away. Mario Kuroba, who has garnered attention in popular 2.5-dimensional stage plays such as Touken Ranbu (as Mikazuki Munechika) and The Prince of Tennis (as Eiji kukumaru), plays teammate Chika Higaki, while Masahiro Takashima, well known as the role of Brooklyn in the 1989 sci-fi action film Gunhed, plays Harada, the manager of the baseball team who doesn’t care about compliance.


Ken Iizuka (Arakawa Under the Bridge, Nijiiro Days) is attached to direct on his own screenplay.





Manga tankobon 1st & 9th volume covers:



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